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The huge writing of floating expressed that here is to fly plank Jing soon a registering of match the spot.Fly plank Jing soon the match is a saint to expect the inside is especially a second the traditional game is led long a head by"second Tan Si in the bottom" to sponsor, each one gets a prize the members can acquire an out-of-print chain gold of"second Tan Si in the bottom" with not thin value tool, Jing soon the match hold for more than ten years and become being subjected to a game that the young man welcomes most .
Class Nai and hero Yi heel in the long long troops back, move slowly and forward, the sunlight projects light upon under being already to drench with perspiration, but having no a person and would like to leave a troops slightly a matter to take a rest,????????????, luckily the headway speed of the troops soon, lesser half inside noon then round to class Nai and hero Yi.
2 people are familiar with ground to fill to register form so much and pass own identity proof with take part in a game to fly plank with provide a check, about 4510s are or so, whole register procedure have been already ended.Class Nai and hero Yi from staff member take back have already authenticated to complete to have no to over-standardly fly plank, is just intending to leave, haven't come out 2.Two Human bodies then spread the laughter of a burst of cajolery behind.
"Hey, I say a class of Nai, your boy's pouring is a destined to good life, so quick newly flown- plank, however how to hear that you didn't go to Jing recently field to soon practice?Fell off while carefully competing the dog eat excrement can throw to kill a person."
Class Nai"shout"s that the ground is after death fierce to once turn round, stared 35 people all of a sudden, the fury in eye was flaming:"Fee thunder Luo-Du Lang,?????_142, you don't consider as correct, when the time comes is who throw a person still don't know."
"Class Nai, with you what identity dare call plank with the young master of Du Lang?"Has not fee thunder Luo-Du Lang opened mouth, the nearby small followers then emits a head to connect words first, " we are good intentionses to remind you, don't lose to return to seek a mother to cry a nose by that time!"
This talented person talked, body severals of the week belong to the same fee thunder Luo-Du Lang footman of the youths are then big four laugh at, that laughter without restraint makes open and annoy class the Nai tooth Yang hand more Yang.Hero Yi sees the form favour pull him, small and soft whisper severals in his ear, class Nai this just presses down quick temper and pulls hero Yi's 32 times to flee into crowd.
Fee thunder Luo sees tiny one Yang eyebrow of form and once recruit a footman short cut:"Stare at recently tight he, see him to exactly have what secret weapon, incredibly dare to also take part in a game."Fee thunder Luo while saying this words involuntarily the Mi attract attention and make originally handsome be been malicious to break almost exhausted by without any reason many several yins of.
???180? ??
Chapter 180 omen
?????????,?????_52????????,????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,Moncler Veste??????????,Doudoune Moncler Homme???????????????????????
Ear side gossip at keep on.Is golden red is beating to roll in the hand, the Lucy Ni temporarily feels that evening party career like this' pouring isn't too boring either, the young girls on the sofa once changed one and other, each gossip also changed one and other, only Lucy Ni Anne be steadily safe to sit on the window sill, occasionally stir small golden red, two simple sorcery character lists constituted the most simple "Huan" and let the body form of the Lucy Ni and the flower of the window sill and window sill side merge into an integral whole, if especially the idea of no one look for Lucy Ni, all will involuntarily this window sill up of different neglect in the past-by dint of this small trick, the Lucy Ni followed carrying on smoothly region at here nest near half sorcery, however, the small trick still kept being a small trick,?????? ???????????, Lucy Ni this"Huan" the search that still could not held up against a person who had the heart.
"Lucy, how do you daze here?"A kind of insect of Wei Ni is saying and walking up to come, suddenly discover while differing several Nis that tread Lucy nearby not in the right, her Cu rises eyebrow, slightly a respond.

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After raise, and setting up camp a rest, time and scopes of free activity all have increment.
The after meal stroll of the lunch and the after meal stroll of the dinner are the life habit of Lucy Nis, after Yi a kind of insect and Lucy Ni together car, occasionally see the scene that two little girls take a walk together.
"These are nine Rong grasses, you see its each stub plant only have nine blades and spreading all over small floss on the main leaf vein of each blade."
"Nine, Rong, grass, it has what use?"
"The in the book says that it to the wound heal very helpful, most of in common use wound medicines all have its composition, in addition to external application can also fry soup to send."
"I remember that the adaptability of this kind of plant is very strong, seeming to be in some desert regions can also grow, however don't know that you have there."
", Do I ask?"
"Good, oh, don't touch it, its small floss is stained with to come to hand up ticklish of, wash quickly."
Listen to oneself the young lady bring calamity, honey Li the friendship toward the housemaid of Yi a kind of insect is apologetic on smiling, then dismantle water bag from the waist, before walking up, for the Yi a kind of insect clean hands.Ever since the Lucy Ni starts to be interested in to the herb medicine and usually touches here and touch there the ground verifies oneself sees from the book of data, honey the Li is along with then many graceful a water bag, prepare to let the Lucy Ni wash hands at any time.
"Lucy, you how less and less made progress, oneself tossed about still not enough,???????????, how still give

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Next look about, the vision sweeps an uncle especially, the uncle hurtles her especially tiny tiny on smiling, the vision sweeps Katharine, Katharine is blunt she is sweet sweet on smiling, the vision sweeps moxa silk especially, the moxa silk hurtles her especially-E.Moxa silk especially malicious give she a record a cold light eye ……
"Ding ……" a record clear blare a stereo set to rise, bow the hands of rite bow receive signal and walk to the rite before the bow-Lucy Ni's noticing all of them are sides to sign in the bow before the body, the elongation hand stirs up bow string-
"Ding ……" again is on recording to blare a stereo set to rise, the bow hand turns bow string at the same time-they aren't pulling bow, but is like also playing one huge harp of chasing.
Along with the quiver of bow string, the Lucy Ni very clearly feels that an energy of invisible is coming together gradually-from Gao Tai under to Gao on the stage the square come together!Deflect a head to hope to go downward, she discovers Gao Tai under of the adult has already started mowing to put blood, everybody's drop three drops of blood enters Gao Tai,モンクレール女性コート, the momentary high set leads blood slot under one the golden red color and luster twinkles!
The Lucy Ni releases his/her own mentality, let it follows behind this strength but goes,Moncler Veste 
  自从露西妮加入训练队伍后, momentary, she the world that feel draw in a breeze for a while, oneself is continuously revolve, dancing in the wind, rapid but joys Teng-
The energy inherits a whole high set and rushes at Ze Wei Er all of a sudden, the huge energy pounds at under, his body the week unexpectedly appear miniature tornado!
The sight is subjected to a limit, but the mentality is more and more clear, through drive energy impact the ground Be some to sway erratic mentality, the Lucy Ni "see"s Ze Wei the Er act and slow-movingly raise huge bow in hand, bow string is gradually full, the bow body both ends insets of precious stone a burst of ray of light gleam, drive pull full bow body in unexpectedly without basis came out a to pay the arrows of shallow green, along with arrows body of gradually clear, go back and forth him the energy of body week found out one all of a sudden to drain and flowed out toward the arrows body all of a sudden!
Violent of the energy gather together to pull the mentality of Lucy Ni for a while ground seven traverse eight to fall, she resolutely broke to open to contact, anti- bite of the dint pound at whole body and change she one Be stuffy to hum.
  第116章 家族祭典2
Chapter 116 household sacrificial rites 2
  礼仪弓一声声颤动。颤声由原来的一致转为分散,八处礼仪弓的颤声此起彼伏,Moncler Donna Gilet,一波未平一波又起,重重叠叠间,竟形成一种奇特的韵律感,Moncler,似有飘渺仙乐袅袅而来,恶月之子_11,远在天际却又似近在耳边,乐声在整个高台上环绕回荡着。
Rite bow a voice vibrates.Quivering voice from originally and unanimously turn into dispersion, eight quivering voices of rite bows this that Fu, 1 wave don't be an even rise again, repeatedly, unexpectedly form a kind of geezer metre, have happy curling up in the air aery fairy since then, far in the horizon but again near in the ear, enjoy a voice to surround to resound in the whole high on the stage.
"Ceng ……" one is fierce to ring as if the benefit sword of laceration silk, for a while earthquake break the marvellous atmosphere that the rite bow constructs, also let the Lucy Ni suddenly return to absolute being.
The sound following this suddenly hopes and goes, sees a high set exact center,Moncler Veste, the Ze Wei Er holds bow toward the sky, the huge bow shoots on putting on green light and hurtles a sky but goes, meanwhile, around have regulation ground and change into eight energies and flow very much in the energy of the Ze Wei Er body week, infuse into eight rite bows, momentary, each rite bow at bow hand the under charge is tiny and vibrate!
  露西妮可以从距离自己最近的那只礼仪弓上看到,随着能量的注入,弓身两端的宝石开始发亮。两股明亮的能量流从宝石流出,沿着弓身上的特定轨迹,Moncler Jackets,向弓身中部汇集。随着弓手再一次拉满弓身,弓身的能量流流淌速度渐快,整只弓隐隐颤动——露西妮都能听到弓身所发出的低沉的“嗡嗡”闷响——弓身正中,一道青色箭形
Lucy Ni can from Be recent apart from oneself of the rite bow up see, along with the infusion of energy, the precious stone of bow body both ends starts becoming bright.Two bright energies flow from the precious stone run off, along the particular track on the bow body collect to the bow body central part.Again pull a full bow body along with the bow hand, the energy of bow body flows to drip speed gradually quick, the whole bow vibrates unclearly-Lucy Ni can hear deep and low"Weng Weng" that the bow body sends out stuffy ring-bow body exact center, a blue arrows form

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Doyle, Arthur Conan - The Lost World_149

?according to
our arrangement, addressed it to you, my dear Mr. McArdle, and I
?????,Doyle, Arthur Conan - The Sign Of The Four_97???????? McArdle ???????
leave it to your discretion to delete,Moncler Donna Gilet, alter,Scarpe UGG, or do what you like
?????????,Doudoune Moncler Pas Cher???,Moncler Manteau Homme????????
with it. From the assurance of Professor Challenger's manner--and
???? ??????????????
in spite of the continued scepticism of Professor Summerlee--I
?? Summerlee ??????????
have no doubt that our leader will make good his statement,Doyle, Arthur Conan - White Company, The_150, and
that we are really on the eve of some most remarkable experiences.
? 8 ?
"The Outlying Pickets of the New World"
" ??????? "
Our friends at home may well rejoice with us, for we are at our
goal, and up to a point, at least, we have shown that the
????????????,Doyle, Arthur Conan - The Lost World_42?????????
statement of Professor Challenger can be verified. We have not,
????????????? ??????
it is true, ascended the plateau, but it lies before us, and even
Professor Summerlee is in a more chastened mood. Not that he
Summerlee ?????????????? ???
will for an instant admit that his rival could be right, but he
is less persistent in his incessant objections, and has sunk for
the most part into an observant silenc
????????????? silenc ??

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Doyle, Arthur Conan - White Company, The_400

a broad lighter, and reached the shore almost as soon as their
masters. Sir Nigel bent his knee devoutly as he put foot on
??? ?????????????????????
land, and taking a small black patch from his bosom he bound it
tightly over his left eye.
"May the blessed George and the memory of my sweet lady-love
raise high my heart!" quoth he. "And as a token I vow that I
???????????,UGG Bailey Button Boots? ?????????????
will not take this patch from my eye until I have seen something
of this country of Spain, and done such a small deed as it lies
????,Monclear,Moncler Donna Giubbotto ??????????????????
in me to do. And this I swear upon the cross of my sword and
?????? ??????????????????
upon the glove of my lady."
"In truth,Doyle, Arthur Conan - The Case Book Of Sherlock Holmes_149, you take me back twenty years, Nigel," quoth Sir
"??????????????????? " ???
Oliver, as they mounted and rode slowly through the water-gate.
????,ugg Bailey Button?????????????????
"After Cadsand,?????????????, I deem that the French thought that we were an
?? CAD ?????????????????
army of the blind,Doyle, Arthur Conan - White Company, The_46, for there was scarce a man who had not closed
an eye for the greater love and honor of his lady. Yet it goes
??????????????????? ????
hard with you that you should darken one side, when with both
open you can scarce tell a horse from a mule. In
????????????????? ?

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